Alia thinks Ranbir is ‘perfect one’, calls self affectionate, beautiful in love

-- 08 November,2018

Mumbai- Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt may have found love in the most unusual manner, in a time when love is all around and age doesn’t make any difference.

Ranbir confirmed the relationship to a magazine calling it ‘very new to be spoken much about’.

Alia was the next one to tell another magazine that she thinks she’s found her Mr. Right. When asked is the dialogue from her film, Dear Zindagi, “Is there someone like the one? What is this perfect one exactly? Mere liye toh koi perfect hona chahiye na,” fits in her life now, Alia said, “Yeah, I think I have,” further adding that in love she is an ‘affectionate, beautiful person’.

“I have stars and a halo on my head, and I’m walking around with rainbows. I like to keep it simple and sweet,” Alia said in the interview.

Alia even confirmed that marriage on her mind when Karan Johar asked her on Koffee With Karan about who will get married first and she said ‘I have time’.

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