Apple, Samsung cancel fingerprint sensor under display for now

-- 08 August,2017

The two smartphone market rulers – Apple and Samsung – have decided not to incorporate their upcoming flagship smartphones with a fingerprint sensor under the display, according to information provided by KGI securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo.

It was Apple that first took the step to cancel integration of the most-anticipated Touch ID fingerprint scanner under iPhone 8’s display. Instead, the firm agreed to include a “two-step fingerprint and facial recognition technology” in the flagship. In fact, the iPhone 8 is known to feature an advanced 3D face scanner system which can recognise faces even when lying flat on a surface to unlock the device.

It is said that the present OLED panel technology being used by Apple for the iPhone 8 is not yet ready to embed TouchID under display.

As a result, Samsung has also decided not to rush for the ‘fingerprint sensor under display’ technology. However unlike Apple, Samsung is cancelling it for the second time. The technology was previously rumoured to get featured on Galaxy S8 smartphone itself, but it wasn’t prepared then. And now, after Apple’s take to drop it from iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 – to be unveiled in early 2018 – may also not debuting it; however, according to Kuo Galaxy Note 9 may.

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