Brahm Mohindra seems to have perfected art of lying – Harsimrat Badal

-- 26 March,2019

Chandigarh, March 26 – Union food processing minister Harsimarat Kaur Badal today said Punjab health minister Brahm Mohindra seemed to have perfected the art of lying and shifting the goal post when he was caught out, even as she asked him to concentrate on developing medical facilities rather than derailing upcoming ones.

Elaborating on the repeated lies of the health minister, Mrs Harsimrat Badal said “first Mr Mohindra lied that he did not have any knowledge that an expert committee of PGI, Chandigarh had approved establishment of the Temporary Campus of AIIMS, Bathinda at Faridkot. When I released papers of the same, the Congress minister said AIIMS, Bathinda was only on paper and that there was nothing on the ground. Even this contention was exposed by me by releasing pictures showing AIIMS, Bathinda had been raised four storey’s high in less than one year”.

Mrs Badal said finding himself cornered, the Congress minister had now come out with another stupendous lie stating that I was ignorant and that the first batch of MBBS classes were not be started in Bathinda and had been approved to be started in Fardkot. “What answer can anyone give to such a statement? It is unfortunate that the Health minister is making a fool of himself. If the Temporary Campus had been approved at Faridkot as requested by me, why he feigned ignorance of the same?

Asking the Health minister not to run away when confronted with facts, Mrs Badal said Mohindra should first tell if the four storeyed AIIMS building which had come up in Bathinda was built on ground or was drawn on paper only? “Mr Mohindra should also apologize to the youth for trying to scuttle establishment of the Temporary Campus of AIIMS, Bathinda at Faridkot. I hope your (Mohindra) turn around and announcement that the Temporary Campus has been approved for Faridkot is not another lie uttered to tide over the elections. It would be better if you put the approval in public because now with your repeated lying ways no one can trust you”.

Mrs Badal also asked Mohindra to do this job. “I asked you to order an inquiry to ascertain why work on the power grid which is to power the AIIMS OPD which is slated to start in May has not taken off. Surely you as health minister understand the gravity of the situation? You should ensure the grid work is taken up immediately and completed quickly to ensure patients do not suffer”.

Stating that she did not need to prove her commitment to AIIMS, Bathinda to anyone, least of all to Mohindra, the Union minister said it was a fact that AIIMS, Bathinda had come up in a record time. “The SAD-BJP government under the leadership of S Parkash Singh Badal acquired land for the project and transferred its property rights to the new body. Subsequently a mou was also signed between the State government and the Union health ministry and responsibilities were divided. The centre was responsible for the funding of the Rs 925 crore project while the State had to make the land encumbrance free and construct a power grid for the project. “It took 1.5 years for the Congress government to give mandatory clearances and it still has not started work on the power grid despite the fact that the OPD of AIIMS, Bathinda is slated to start in May this year. Now you tell me who has delayed the project Mr Mohindra”, Mrs Badal asked.

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