Capt government responsible for shoving youth into drugs in the state: Meet Hayer

-- 23 March,2019

Chandigarh, March 23 : Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Barnala MLA Meet Hayer said that it was distressing to note that the youth in the state was into drugs due to the laidback attitude of the successive governments, including the erstwhile BJP-SAD government and now the ruling Captain Government.

Hayer said in a statement here on Saturday that even as the Government was laying tall claims on having contained the menace, the problem of drug addiction had gone from bad to worse, if the news report published in a Punjabi vernacular daily, offering insight into the deep malaise how a 13-year-old girl from Talwandi Sabo was lured into the dragnet of drugs by her seniors in the village. The tragic tale of the only child of her parents (her father is no more) had not only exposed the hollow claims of the dispensation but had also tumbled out more skeletons from the cupboard. Hayer said there were umpteen others unreported cases of girls were into drugs, which had sounded a clarion call for those at the helms.

Mounting a scathing attack on Captain Amarinder Singh, Hayer said that ahead of the 2017 assembly elections, he and his party had given a word to the people in the presence of Sri Gutka Sahib to stamp out the menace of drugs from the state within four months of assuming power. Hayer described the turnaround on the promise as a mere political gimmick to grab power as more than 24 months had rolled by nothing concrete had been done to tame the zombie of drugs, he lamented.

He accused the BJP-SAD government of sowing seeds of the menace of drugs in the state, saying that the Badals were responsible for promoting the cult of drugs by maintaining a soft stance towards the drug lords. And, now the Captain Government was colluding with those behind this nefarious drug trade being run under its protective patronage, he said.

He said that the Captain government, which had reneged on keeping its promise to create ‘Ghar ghar naukri’ (Job in every household), was responsible, leaving the youth in the state, including girls, to take to drugs in the absence of sufficient job opportunities. He further said that his government had also failed to live up to the promise of rooting out the menace of drugs. He said that it was a matter grave concern that the girls, instead of making use of the right to education, were lured by the cult of drug addiction, which was attributable to the sleepy government in the saddle.      

He demanded that the state government should come out of its comfort zones and do a precious little to save teeming millions of young people from falling into the abysmal trap of drugs by throwing up ample employment opportunities to enable them to say no to drugs and as also to contributing to the growth of the state.

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