-- 19 May,2017

New Delhi, May 19: The Bhartiya Janta Party MLA from Rajouri Garden Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa today said that ‘coward and psychopath’ Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal can’t suppress his voice by slapping false and baseless cases against him and he vowed to continue his fight until dislodging of this ‘ most corrupt government of the world’ in Delhi.

Interacting with media persons here today, Mr. Sirsa said that the case filed against him by Minister Satyender Jain had once again reaffirmed that Kejriwal was using his ministers and party colleagues as his ‘puppets’ and he himself was running away from facing everything from cases to solving problems of people. He said that in the present case filed by Minister Jain, he will urge the court to make Kejriwal a party as he was head of the corrupt government and his party.

Mr. Sirsa said that he stands by his allegations leveled in assembly against Satyendra Jain and Kejriwal and will ensure that these highly corrupt people are brought to book and punished for the offence.

He said that it is clear before the public that Mr. Kejriwal used shell companies particularly in the name of his extended family member Mr. Surendra Bansal to encash the fake bills submitted by it to the tune of Rs. 10 crore rupees. He said that Sky line Metal and Alloy ltd, Sanjeevan Agencies Pvt. Ltd., Goldmine and Bildcone are some of the firms are some firms used by Kejriwal and his team to turn their black money into white. He said that this is clear case of Hawala transactions and money laundering and Mr. Kejriwal should be booked for this act.

He said that Kerjiwal is only politician of the country who is facing multiple cases of defamation and corruption in the country but is still reluctant to face the same and always tries to find excuses from facing judiciary. He said that this ‘coward’ cannot run away from the judicial process anymore and he will have to face the music for misuse of power which people of Delhi had bestowed on him to serve them and help them mitigate and solve their problems.

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