Do not deny benefits to people for want of Aadhaar: Prasad

-- 13 February,2018

New Delhi, February 13

Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Tuesday asked state governments to ensure that no one is denied any benefit he or she is entitled to for want of Aadhaar.
“Aadhaar is big platform which leads to good governance and savings but I would like to say there is law of Aadhaar. This law says that you cannot deny benefit to anyone for want of Aadhaar. If the person does not have Aadhaar, ask him to get Aadhaar but you should give him benefit using an alternative mode,” Prasad told state IT ministers and secretaries.
He was speaking at the state IT ministers’ conclave here.
“Many times ration is not given at ration shop. It should not happen. You should think about it. No one should deny ration to the poor,” Prasad said.
The statement from Prasad comes within a week of report that a civil hospital in Gurugram denied admission to a pregnant woman as she did not carry her Aadhaar card and she had to deliver baby outside the hospital.
Prasad said that many times finger prints of the elderly did not match and he had directed the department to note their Aadhaar number in a register but they should not be denied benefits they were entitled to.
The minister said the government is working to link Aadhaar with motor driving licence and cited an example to explain that the move would help identify offenders.
He said the state governments should start using digital technologies in delivering services to people and outsource some of their work to BPOs being opened under India BPO Promotion Scheme.
“We are trying to create USD 1 trillion digital economy in the country in the next five years. This will generate jobs for 50 lakh to 75 lakh people,” Prasad said.
The minister asked the states to focus on cyber security and train their personnel as the growth in use of technology would enhance risk in the cyber space as well.

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