Environment Canada investigating 2 possible tornadoes in southwestern Ontario

-- 12 August,2017

LEAMINGTON, Ont. – Environment Canada is investigating two possible tornadoes that may have touched down in southwestern Ontario Friday night.
Meteorologist Rob Kuhn says the agency is looking into what it calls a “probable tornado” in Leamington, Ont., after photos of a funnel cloud surfaced online.
He says at least one of the photos appears to show the funnel touching down.
Kuhn says there are reports that the tornado damaged solar panels and a greenhouse.
Environment Canada is also investigating a possible tornado in Hawkesville, Ont., near Waterloo, after a quickly-rotating thunderstorm moved through the area.
Kuhn says they’ve dispatched a team to look into reports that the storm snapped power poles and left debris in open fields.
He says that the extent of the damage suggests the weather in Hawkesville was more serious than that in Leamington.
He says that if these two tornadoes are confirmed, it will bring the count this year up to nine in southwestern Ontario.
He says the region typically sees about 14 tornadoes in a year.

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