Lomography Sprocket Rocket Red 2.0 launched

-- 11 April,2019

The Sprocket Rocket is a homage to classic film photography, spreading your snaps across the entirety of your 35mm film, including the sprocket holes for an unmistakably analogue look.

Lomography has decided to give this tried-and-tested design a fiery makeover by rocking a bright new crimson coat and more durable aluminium film advance knobs.

 The Sprocket Rocket is designed for one thing – capturing the biggest photos possible on 35mm film. With its horizon-eating panoramic perspective and sprocket exposing frame, you can capture the bigger picture with ease.

In regards to the camera, Lomography states, “The iconic Sprocket Rocket first took off in 2011, inspiring thousands of analogue astronauts to shoot for the stars. Explore unlimited multiple and long exposures, and brighten up your life with the hot-shoe mount.”

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Project by : XtremeStudioz