PM Modi making ‘calibrated’ efforts to weaken democracy: Manmohan Singh

-- 21 November,2018

Indore: Former prime minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday said the credibility of institutions like Parliament and CBI has been unfairly criticised in the Narendra Modi-led regime, which he said is making “careful, well-thought-out calibrated effort” to weaken democracy. 

Addressing a press conference here, Singh said corruption was peaking in the Modi government. “The country has witnessed credibility of institutions like Parliament and CBI systematically denigrated. There is a careful well-thought-out calibrated effort to weaken democracy,” he said. 

“The rule of law is under attack. History shall never forgive our present generation if the situation is not changed,” he said. 

He termed demonetisation as “organised loot and legalised plunder”. It (demonetisation) is a done act and can’t be reverted. It is up to the people to get rid of the government which brought them on this disastrous path,” he said. 

Singh also accused Modi of misusing the Prime Minister’s post. “It does not befit the PM to abuse political opponents,” he said. 

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