Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite leak reveals brand new design

-- 01 January,2019

With the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch set to take place in a few short weeks, the leaks are coming thick and fast. The latest bit of information comes not about the high-end variants, but rather the entry-level variant. And like the Apple iPhone XR, this handset is going to be as tantalising as its higher-end siblings but not as expensive.

The latest bit of information comes via reputed Samsung tipster @IceUniverse and with it, we find the conceptual design of the Galaxy S10 Lite from a case manufacturer. From the image we can see it will adopt a punch-hole design on the front as opposed to a notch; a design that’s expected to feature on the 2020 version of Apple’s iPhones. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite being treated to this new design trend, we get the handset more than a year and a half earlier than the 2020 iPhone and at a price point that should pale in comparison to the handsets from the Cupertino brand.

As per a related report by Forbes, the author notes that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will feature a dual rear camera setup that comprises a wide-angle sensor along with a 2x optical zoom. It is also expected to feature a single front camera with a smaller cut-out. It is also expected to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner but will not utilise an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that will be found on the higher-end Samsung Galaxy S10 variants. Lastly, the screen size is said to be about 5.8-inches and this is the size that will appeal to a wide audience as opposed to the larger 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays on the costlier handsets.

The Galaxy S10 Lite will not use a curved Edge display but rather, a flat-screen, unlike the curved screens that will make its way to the plus-sized versions.

As of now, we have to just wait and watch to see if all these leaks and rumours of the Samsung Galaxy S10 actually play out.

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