5 wireless workout earphones to crush your gym sessions

-- 26 September,2018

New Delhi- Listening to music while exercising has a host of benefits. A study conducted in 2013 has shown that working out along with music makes participants less aware of the pain that arises from physical activities. Those who work out with music helps in distracting people from their bodily awareness and such a distraction can benefit athletic performance by up to a whole 15 per cent more.

Listening to upbeat music helps in providing excess information to the brain that helps in taking the athlete’s mind of the physical pain they experience during moderate to intensive workouts. Studies have also shown that music helps you to work harder and put you in the zone as it helps in providing a motivational power. Music also helps in elevating your mood and helps in finding self-awareness; this allows you to think about yourself and gives you an excuse to think about the present. No matter what has happened in the recent past, a good up-tempo beat can help you to escape negativity and in the process, provide you with the drive to power through your workout; and in the end, make you feel great after your activity.

Keeping this in mind, a good pair of earphones essential to provide that added bit of zest and spur you on to have a not just a good, but a great workout. Great earphones, not only help in distracting you but also put you in the zone as some of them help in blocking out ambient sounds, giving you all the motivation you need to crush those reps and elevate your potential.

Though virtually any headphones can qualify as work out earphones, not all can make the cut easily as brands launch specific products that literally cater to workouts alone. We have rounded up a few wireless Bluetooth earphones that fit the bill of a what is necessary and what can help you power through your time in the gym.

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