-- 13 May,2019

Chandigarh May 13 – Shiromani Akali Dal President Sukhbir Singh Badal said here today that ‘ a desperate and frustrated Congress party in Punjab is endangering peace and communal harmony in the state through a brazen resort to violence, terror and open incitements to Communal hatred between the sisterly communities of the Hindus and the Sikhs in Punjab. All this and the brazen abuse of police force were merely parts of an attempt to terrorise the Punjabi voters and Akali workers.”

The Akali president expressed ” utter disbelief” over theStatement issued by the Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh openly justifying violent attacks against Akali candidates instead of telling his police force to act against those who made this murderous assault on Harsimrat Kaur Badal last night Mr Badal said that the shameless justification of violence against Akalis by Amarinder clearly showed that he had already abdicated his constitutional responsibility as Chief Minister.”.

Mr Badal said that his party has already given concrete evidence

To the EC of “the naked political role being played by some police officers, especially on Bathinda and has sought the immediate transfer of the local SSP, deployment of para-military forces. The SAD has urged the Election Commission to intervene ” urgently, effectively and immediately” to stop the Congress from setting the state aflame again to promote its petty political interest. “

The SAD president also condemned “the shockingly provocative speeches by Congress leaders like their Bathinda candidate Raja Warring openly inciting communal hatred and violence by accusing one community of trying to “physically eliminate the other with the objective of ethnic cleansing in the state. The people of Punjab have already seen through Congress game. No one, including the CM or Warring can divide the brotherly communities of Hindus and SIkhs. But they must be stopped from trying to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere.”

“This resort to the communal card accompanied by physical violencewith the active connivance of the police force is the last throw of the dice by the Chief Minister to avert his political eclipse following the imminent poll debacle of his party in Punjab. But he would be well advised not to play havoc with peace andcommunal harmony in Punjab just to save his doomed political career, ” said Mr Badal in a statement here.

Mr Badal appealed to Punjabis to teach a lesson to those trying to take Punjab back to the tragic dark days from which Punjabis have emerged by paying countless sacrifices. He said that the SAD BJP workers are more than capable of teaching a lesson to the hired Congress goons “but we surely prefer the EC to ensure a free and fair poll. “We are the true heirs of legacy of the peace and human brotherhood handed down tous by the great Guru Sahiban, saints and seers. We deems ourselves the gurantors of peace and communal harmony here. But we know how to deal with enemies of peace,” said Mr Badal.

Referring to ‘the murderous attack by the Congress hooligans and lawless elements against Harsimrat Kaur Badal last night’ Mr Badal said that hooligans and lawbreakers have been injected into the campaign out of sheer political desperation .by the Congress “It was evident last night that these lawless elements had the open backing of the police force at the instance of the Chief Minister. Although our workers are fully prepared to beat back these hooligans, yet we do not want to do anything which disturbs the hard-earned peace in the state. We want the Election Commission to discharge its duties impartially and act against the guilty police officers and officials immediately to ensure a peaceful, free and fair poll.”

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