Sidhu is a traitor of panth, works for self aggrandizement: Majithia .

-- 17 May,2019

Chandigarh, May 17:

Hitting out at Congress star campaigner and Punjab cabinet minister Navjot Singh Sidhu, the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) spokesman and former minister Bikram Majithia said that Sidhu had been calling Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as “Munni” and her son as Rahul Gandhi as “Papu” and was now prostrating before them for petty favours.

In a statement issued from the party headquarters here today, Majithia dubbed Sidhu as most unscrupulous man. He asked which respectable Sikh would submit to the dictates of Sonia and Rahul who had committed gravest of sacrilege against the Sikh religion. Sidhu has mortgaged his conscience and soul for ministerial post and has been stooping to do anything at the bidding of his masters’ voice (Sonia and Rahul), he added.

Bikram accused Sidhu of “ falling at the feet” of Gandhi family which had been enemy No 1 of Sikhs and Punjab which had demolished Akali Takht, invaded Harmandir Sahib, conspired to kill thousands of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere and rewarded the perpetrators of violence against Sikhs with coveted ministerial post.

No self-respecting Sikh would adore Gandhi family, sing paeans to it and submit to its whims and fancies, asserted“ Majitha.Ironically Amarinder Singh has gone on record that his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu was offered a ticket from Bathinda . “ Knowing Sidhu a standing comedian who’s bravado is only on stage Majithia said that sensing defeat the couple had “ cold feet” to face the SAD candidate. In last two and a half years as a local bodies minister Sidhu has done nothing for Bathinda and cannot name one project for the betterment of Bathinda today in what capacity he is asking for votes. Reasoned the Akali leader. It is pertinent to note that Sidhu has been given the “ royal snub” as he has not been asked to campaign in Punjab and only jumped the “ bandwagon” to come to Bathinda . The congress party has totally sidelined him and his so called star campaigner status is zero now for the party. “ in 13 Parliamentary constituencies the man has not been asked to campaign as congress understands that no sensible voter is going to take him seriously “ said Majitha.

A man who on being given a ticket to Bathinda for his wife did not have the gumption to face the SAD candidate is today reduced to cracking jokes and clapping in his signature style and all he is going to get from the people of this Parliamentary constituency is some claps and laughs”.

If his political carrier is evaluated, it becomes evident that Sidhu himself had been always on sale as he was ever-ready for the highest bidder. After deserting BJP in 2016, Sidhu had been vacillating between AAP and Congress for months together and when Congress turned out to be highest bidder, he shifted his loyalties to the Congress without any remorse or consideration that he himself has been very abusive of the party and with what face he would adore Sonia and Rahul whom he had called most corrupt and coined terms like “ Munni Badnam Hui” and Pappu.

True to his nature, Sidhu changed colours faster than chameleon and started hailing Congress and cursing BJP leaders and abused Arun Jaitley, whom he had accepted as political guru, and Narender Modi.

Majithia said that Sidhu who was always on sale for highest bidder uttered not a single word against Sam Petroda, guru of Rahul Gandhi; who had endorsed and justified that killing of Sikhs while every sane person had raised his voice against Petroda.Today he hit a new low in his carrier as an opportunist by saying that he will place his “ turban” at the feet of the electorate to assure the success of congress. Unfortunately “ Sidhu has forgotten that this turban does not belong to him but as every Sikh knows it is a symbol of faith, courage and standing up against oppression. The tenth master created the khalsa . The turban belongs to the Kaum and Sikh community”. A man who can place his turban for the Gandhi family perpetrator ‘s of the heinous genocide against the Sikhs, invaders and demolishers of Akal Takht and Darbar Sahib has no moral right to call himself a Sikh and no Sikh can forgive him for his theatre antics . “

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