Apple files patent for a bezel-less display and an embedded Touch ID

-- 17 May,2017

It has been a while since rumours for the next Apple iPhone surfaced. Enthusiasts and techies have rendered countless images of the iPhone 8 with bezel-less displays, embedded Touch ID, standard dual cameras, all glass bodies and much more. However, there are two parameters that could be expected for sure in an upcoming version of the iPhone – a bezel-less display and on-screen Touch ID.

The latest information comes from registered patent submission as observed by Softpedia. One of the patents describes an edge-to-edge display with slight curves on the edges. Apple states that it intends to reduce the border area and maximise the display and the interactive touch areas on a smartphone. Apple also describes some kind of a flexible material that could be used to create the display to allow for bending.

As far as we know, OLED displays are bendable, as seen on the Samsung S8 smartphone. Apple also says that by bending the sides of the panel, they can allow for a narrower smartphone.

Another patent that Apple applied for was referring to the Touch ID sensor built into the screen of iPhones for quicker authentication, just like ultrasonic sensors from the Xiaomi Mi 6. This could allow Apple to eradicate the physical home button from the front panel and achieve a true bezel-less display panel.

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