April to be Sikh Heritage month in Canada, Federal Parliament passes bill

-- 12 April,2019

Vancouver, April 12, 2019: In a splendid move, Canada federal government has announced April to be a Sikh Heritage month now. The Federal Parliament of Canada on Thursday passed a Bill moved by BC liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal in 2018.

Bill C-376 has been passed by the House of Commons of Canada announcing April as Sikh Heritage month.Some of the provinces of Canada and some states of USA had already declared April as Sikh Heritage month.

120 years of Sikh Canadian history will now be told providing strength to India and future generations with the contributions of our pioneers.

Sukh Dhaliwal who introduced this bill to designate the month of April as Sikh heritage month to ensure that the contributions and history of Sikh Canadians are recognized annually across Canada. The bill was backed by approx 20 members of the house that belong to the Punjabi community.

This move was significant because the month of April is important to all Sikhs. This is when Khalsa Day and Vaisakhi is celebrated, which marks the birth of Khalsa and his teachings of equality, selfless service and social justice.

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