Late-hour meals causes obesity

-- 25 April,2017

Hyderabad: Doctors and fitness experts say that unhealthy food eating habits may reduce the life span while giving more diseases.Dr. B. Ravishankar, Gastro specialist said, “The food should be consumed well before 8 pm for a healthy lifestyle. Many people working late in the nights have gastric problems. Late eating leads to putting on weight. In the past, our grandparents used to tell us that we should have dinner by 7 pm. Ant function would be winded up by that time. But these days, it is not only during marriages but the unhealthy habit covers almost every event.”

He noted, “When we are physically active during day time the intestine is more active and the propelling of food into large intestine is faster. The small intestine is the organ which absorbs food when the propelling is faster it absorbs less calories but when the propelling is slower which happens in night than more calories are absorbed and that makes people put on weight.”

Lateef Khan, a gym trainer said, “The three types of sweets which are served followed by a bottle of cold drink to quench your thirst is very unhealthy because after consuming so many heavy foods the healthy person’s blood lipids, sugars and other metabolic parameters are altered, and the condition worsens for those who suffer from diabetes and other lifestyle ailments. All these bad food habits and no workout lead to diseases at an early age and reduction in life span.”

Mujtaba Hussain the social worker said, “Once a person is stepping out of the dining hall there is hot sugary tea and the famous Hyderabadi meeta pan to add more calories to your already overburdened digestive system.”

“Also the famous platter which comprises of chicken kebabs, fried fish and prawns is a worrisome factor as the fish and prawns used are of very low quality because they are required in huge numbers. The fish and prawns are also sourced locally from fish tanks which use unhygienic food to feed the fish and prawns to grow in size quickly. They are not fit,” noted the social worker.

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